Future Cities

42 Articles and Interviews with Investors, Startups and Influencers.

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Future Cities is a collection of articles and interviews about smart cities, drones, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, driverless cars, Internet of Things and other innovations that used to be sci-fi just a few years ago.

About the Author

Stefano L. Tresca was employee No. 8 at Wind, a telecom startup sold for $12.1 billion. He's founding member of Level39, Europe’s largest technology accelerator for fintech and future cities tech, and founder of StartupHome, co-living for young entrepreneurs. Many years ago, he felt in love with the city of London, and that's where he lives today when he's not travelling.

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  1. Your Neighbourhood Will Never Be the Same Free Chapter
  2. The Secret Life of an Uber Driver Free Chapter
  3. Guo Bai (Smart Cities China) Free Chapter
  4. Simon Menashy (MCC Ventures)
  5. The Future Is a Megacity Free Chapter
  6. Minerva Tantoco (New York City CTO)
  7. Milos Milisavljevic (Strawberry Energy)
  8. One Drone in Every Home
  9. Thomas Davies (Seedrs)
  10. Adeo Ressi (Founder Institute) Free Chapter
  11. 3D Printing. Bones, Clothes & the 3rd Industrial Revolution
  12. Hon. Jerry MacArthur Hultin
  13. Kyrill Zlobenko (Ecozy)
  14. Sex and Robots: Do Humans Dream of Electric Mates?
  15. Rohit Talwar (Fast Future Research)
  16. Tom Samodol (PayProp)
  17. What Is a Smart City? Free Chapter
  18. Jimmy Garcia-Meza (Investor)
  19. Simone Tarantino (Inspect Manager)
  20. When the Police Invented the Radio
  21. Eric van der Kleij (Level39 / Cognicity)
  22. Domenico Colucci (Nextome)
  23. Robots Won't Just Take Your Jobs
  24. Nicolas Steiner (Fintech Circle)
  25. Patrick Morselli (WeWork)
  26. Where Can I Buy My Knight Rider? On Driverless Cars
  27. Goncalo Agra Amorin (BGI / MIT Portugal)
  28. James Swanston (Voyage Control)
  29. How Millennials Are Going to Reshape Your City
  30. Nic Shulman (Block Dox)
  31. Michel Willems (BimBimBikes)
  32. Present and Future of the Internet of Things
  33. Laurence Kemball-Cook (Pavegen)
  34. Fabien Girerd (Jooxter)
  35. From the Car Economy to the Internet of Everything
  36. Calum Chace (Author)
  37. Jarkko Hämäläinen (Intelle Innovations)
  38. A New Kind of Money Is Reshaping the Cities
  39. Bill Clee & Peter Jaco (Asset Mapping)
  40. João Marques Fernandes (CityKeys)
  41. Crowdfunding in Future Cities
  42. Alex Siljanovski (Basestone)
  43. Freddie Talberg (Pie Mapping)
  44. Star Trek Was Wrong. And It's Not a Matter of Technology
  45. Hamish Watson (Polysolar)
  46. Miguel Rodrigues (Cities2020 Brazil)
  47. Songdo, the Story of an Artificial Creature
  48. Paul Sheedy (Reward Technology)
  49. Justin Lyon (Simudyne)
  50. Future Cities Events and Conferences Free Chapter
  51. Alberto Broggi (VisLab)
  52. Karim Fahssis (ZephyTools)
  53. Future Cities Investors and Accelerators Free Chapter
  54. Pietro Martani (Copernico)
  55. Sandra Sassow (SEaB)
  56. Horseshoe Nails
  57. One More Thing

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